Requirements and procedure


For the Casimir PhD position competition there are the following requirements:

  • The candidate should have completed the Casimir Pre-PhD track and the results of her/his studies should be among the top-10% of physics master students in Leiden/Delft.
  • The candidate should qualify without any doubt for any regular PhD position in his/her field of specialization.
  • The proposal should have a good balance between being feasible and ambitious.
  • The proposed supervisor is part of the nanoscientific group at the Leiden Institute of Physics, or of the Kavli Institute of Nanoscience in Delft (her or his name should be on the list below).
  • The proposed research should relate to the NanoFront framework (to receive a copy of the NanoFront research proposal, send your request to Marije Boonstra).
  • The proposal should be without any obvious deficiencies.
  • The candidate should be able to refute the committee's criticism.


If you want to join the competition for the Casimir PhD positions, please inform coordinator Luca Giomi before 1 May 2019. For the 2019 round, the students are asked to submit their proposals before 15 June 2019. Eligible proposals will be forwarded to the committee. Interviews with the candidates will be scheduled for the first week of July 2019. The committee's ranking of the proposals will be propounded to the Casimir Director and the Casimir Board, who will make the final decision. The Casimir Director will inform the applicants about the outcome within a week after the interview.


6 - 7 June 2019

Casimir Open Days 2019link

24 - 28 June 2019

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