Apply now for NWO Scientist on the Job funding



NWO offers a new funding opportunity: Scientist on the Job (SotJ). SotJ offers young researcher the possibility of working for a short time at a company or public institution. A maximum of €3,000 per month can be applied for in the case of a full-time position, for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months, as a contribution towards the salary costs of the researcher to be appointed to the position.

It offers you the chance to investigate research questions in a non-academic context and possibly to gain access to new data sets, and it contributes towards your academic and personal development. Furthermore, it contributes to expanding your, your supervisor’s, and the hosting partner’s network – in this sense the SotJ funding strengthens public and private collaborations.

Please have a look at this website: and contact your department’s project office for more information!

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