Casimir Courses

The Casimir Research School offers a wide range of interesting courses for PhD students and postdocs. 

Please open the file with the Casimir Course Schedule for more information.

Apart from the Casimir Courses, PhD students are also allowed to take courses from the Leiden or Delft MSc program (see the list in the course schedule or the selection of courses when you have background in Biology rather than in Physics). When you take a MSc course - only to be done with your supervisor’s permission!- and intend to use the credits for the Casimir program, contact Marije Boonstra to discuss what needs to be done (differs per course) in order to get the credits registered. In the file below you will find a (non-exhaustive) list of courses from our Leiden and Delft MSc Physics programs, and links to the e-guides and timetables, as well as links to the education programs offered by other research schools.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? Perhaps you can have a look at what other research schools are offering. For example, see the website of these schools:

  • Netherlands Bioinformatics and System Biology research school: portfolio-2/
  • Biotechnology:
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