How to apply for the Casimir pre-PhD track

The Casimir Pre-PhD track is a specialisation within the Master Applied Physics in Delft and the Master of Physics in Leiden. It is aimed at students who intend to acquire a PhD-position after receiving their master's degree. The Casimir Pre-PhD track is designed to respond to the increased mobility of students after their BSc. This is reflected in the particular set of courses that the track consists of, and in the fact that gaining research experience in more than one department is a key element of this master education program. The Casimir Pre-PhD track is not open to everyone: students are selected at start and have to meet several requirements along the way. Students that complete this track will have outstanding credentials to pursue a career in academia.

For more information on admission and application you can follow the instructions given by one of the two universities:

  1. MSc in Applied Physics (Delft)
  2. MSc in Physics (Leiden)