BN seminar: David Maresca - "4D Sound Sheet Imaging of Genetically Encoded Acoustic Reporters"





Delft: Room A1.100 (building 58, van der Maasweg 9)


Bionanoscience (BN) seminar by dr. David Maresca (Imaging Physics department, Delft University of Technology) on "4D Sound Sheet Imaging of Genetically Encoded Acoustic Reporters".  The talk will start at 12:45h, and lunch is provided from 12:30h.

Abstract: Successive advances in light sheet fluorescence microscopy now enable fast, large-volume, and high resolution imaging of fluorescently labelled cells in transparent organisms. However, limitations inherent to optical methods (optical penetration depth < 1 mm) prevent large scale imaging in intact and opaque organisms, and these limitations are more pronounced in instances where high speed (~ 1 ms) is desirable.

Biomolecular ultrasound is an emerging field that combines engineering of acoustic biomolecules with advanced ultrasound imaging methods. Biomolecular ultrasound enables noninvasive imaging of whole organs with a unique combination of spatial coverage (~ cm scale) and spatiotemporal resolution (~ 100 μm and 1 ms, respectively). As such, the development of 4D sound sheet imaging of opaque tissue using acoustic reporters that directly link acoustic contrast with biological function could redefine our capacity to observe biology at work.