BN Seminar: Sonja Schmid - The timing of life at the nanoscale



12:45 - 13:45 hrs


Delft: Room A1.100 (building 58, van der Maasweg 9)


Bionanoscience (BN) seminar by dr. Sonja Schmid (Wageningen University) on "The timing of life at the nanoscale".  The talk will start at 12:45h.

Proteins are the molecular makers in our body. Researchers successfully identified a vast proteome, a dense web of metabolic interactions, and many thousands of static 3D structures. But the essential dynamic processes causing protein function are still challenging to detect – yet they are the key to the energetics controlling proteins. We therefore focus on acquiring time-resolved information to reveal the nanodynamics of biomolecular systems, such as cancer-assisting chaperone and kinase proteins, biomedical PROTAC systems, and CRISPR-associated proteins.

In this talk, I will present our latest results from optical and electrical single-molecule experiments. FRET allows us to watch single proteins at work in real time [1,2,3], and with our DyeCycling approach [4], we can now overcome its notorious photobleaching limitation and detect previously hidden kinetic phenomena. In addition, we recently presented the NEOtrap 2.0, a label-free technique to monitor the time evolution of single unmodified proteins electrically, using nanopores [5,6]. Lastly, I will share how we revealed the hidden power of type-III CRISPR-Cas – one-by-one. Our overarching mission is to push beyond current detection limits, to learn how biomolecular function arises at the nanoscale.

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