BN Talk - Christine Jacobs-Wagner (Yale University)



16:00 hrs


A 1.100, TU Delft


It is with immense pleasure that I inform Prof. Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Yale University has accepted our invitation and will deliver her talk to BN on 13th Oct 2017 at 16.00 in A1.100 (unless mentioned otherwise later). She has been invited as part of the Student's committee for organizing talks at BN and my most cordial invitation to everyone! This also happens to be the first such student invitee talk of this academic year. Would you kindly mark your planner for this?

Prof. Jacobs-Wagner delves into myriad aspects of cell growth- the arc of her interests extends from cell polarization, cell cycle to cellular morphogenesis, combining multifarious techniques in biology, physics and informatics.  To the interest of people who are at the forefront of microscopy and fluorescence image analyses, her lab has also contributed to the development of the "Oufti" platform. Amongst her credentials, she is presently the Director of Microbial Sciences Institute at Yale and an HHMI investigator. 

My special invitation to PhDs and post-docs of the department, for not only attending the talk, but also if they wish to meet in person and discuss life and research! An open discussion in person or at the dinner table, is an excellent setting for coming to reflect candidly on what drives anyone and how others have adjusted to meandering paths of professional life, potentially trumping (no pun intended!) highs and lows of life and career! For those of you who have responded previously to my emails with potential names for future invitees, I thank you for unbridled interest and enthusiasm.

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