ChemE FacultyColloquium - Jos Derksen (ChemE-TP): "Dispersed multiphase flow at the particle level"



12:45 p.m.


TU Delft, ChemE, Julianalaan 136, lecture room A.


Examples of dispersed multiphase systems are suspensions (solid-liquid or solid-gas), emulsions (immiscible liquids, e.g. oil and water), sprays (liquid-gas), and bubbly flows (gas-liquid). Interesting and relevant processes take place at the length scale of the particles (i.e. bubbles, drops, or solid particles): momentum exchange determines how the systems organize themselves and how the phases get distributed, and inter-phase mass transfer relates to process performance, yield and product quality; small-scale flow phenomena (including those driven by turbulence) control break-up and coalescence events. To reveal these particle-scale interactions we perform numerical simulations where – as will be shown – resolution (in space and time) is of the utmost importance. In the presentation the emphasis will be on emulsions and suspensions.