Colloquium Ehrenfestii: Renata Kallosh (Lorentz Professor 2017/Stanford): 'From Planck to Escher'



18:00 hrs


Sitterzaal, Oort building, Leiden


The recent observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background by the Planck satellite strongly support the standard cosmological model, defined by just a few independent parameters. Two of them in particular still require a theoretical explanation: the small deviation from scale invariance in the power spectrum of the initial density fluctuations, and the level of inflationary gravitational waves, detectable through B-mode polarization in the CMB. Following an introduction to inflationary cosmology, I will describe a recently developed class of inflationary models, motivated by maximal supersymmetry and string theory, that gives specific targets for future B-mode experiments. These models are based on the hyperbolic geometry of the Poincare disk, which is beautifully represented by Escher's picture Circle Limit IV.

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