Cosmology Seminar - Flavio Bombacigno (Universidad de Valencia and IFIC): "Landau damping for gravitational waves"



15.00 hrs CEST


Casimir room (276), Oort building or online


Abstract :

We discuss the possibility that gravitational scalar waves could experience kinematic damping when propagating in a non-collisional gas of particles. In particular, by describing the medium at the equilibrium with a Jüttner–Maxwell distribution and under the hypothesis of homogeneity and isotropy, we analytically determine the damping rate of the signal. We find that Landau damping can take place only for subluminal phase velocities of the wave, when a characteristic relation between the effective mass of the scalar mode and the thermodynamic properties of the medium is satisfied. Then, we investigate by means of numerical techniques relativistic media in cosmological settings, showing how the interaction with gravitational scalar waves can lead to peculiar phenomenological marks in the power spectrum of the media.

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