Deadline nominations for NNV Minerva prize 2023



The Nederlandse Natuurkundige Vereniging (NNV: Netherlands Physical Society) and the Dutch Physics Council (DPC) call for nominations of the Minerva Prize 2023. The prize is intended for young, promising female or non-binary physicists in the Netherlands who excel in a field of physics (both experimental and/or theoretical).

Nominations are welcome up to October 1st, 2023. The award ceremony will take place at the annual Dutch Physics Conference Physics@Veldhoven 2024 (January 23-24, 2024).

Anne-Marije Zwerver
Last year, Anne-Marije Zwerver (QuTech, TU Delft) won this prize due to her impressive contributions to both the field of physics as well as outreach, education and science communication. She defended her PhD in 2022 and led the measurements of the first quantum dot qubits made in an industrial cleanroom, an achievement that made headlines worldwide. She was also the first to send an electron spin back and forth across multiple silicon quantum dots.

More information (including the nominee form) can be found on the NNV website [in Dutch for now].