Delft PhD council: members from BN, QN and QuTech wanted



Are you eager to have a direct impact on the doctoral experience within our department and faculty? We invite you to consider becoming a member of the AS PhD council, where your insights and contributions can make a real difference.

Faculty-Level integration: AS PhD Council
The faculty's council operates with a formal structure. This council takes charge of:

  • Ensuring smooth onboarding for new PhD candidates by working closely with the faculty graduate school.
  • Facilitating communication between our department and the wider university network.
  • Organizing drinks, parties and other social events.
  • Coordinating professional activities including CV-checks, workshops, and career development days.
  • Addressing TU-wide issues through collaboration with the University PhD Council (UPC) and OnderdeelCommissie (OdC).
Details to consider:
  • In each of the councils there are monthly meetings, offering opportunities for direct involvement and active contribution.
  • Faculty council participation earns you 2 GS credits in the transferable skills section (usually the hardest section to get credits for).
  • Currently, we're actively seeking representation from underrepresented or non-represented departments, including BN, ChemE, ImPhys, QN, QuTech, and SEC. It's important to us that every department's voice is heard within the faculty's PhD council.

Take the first step
If you're ready to take an active role in enhancing the quality of our PhD experience, we encourage you to get in touch with us. You can reach for more information or to express your interest. Your commitment has the potential to create a lasting impact on our academic community. Let's work together to make a difference.