Exploring careers for PhD graduates at ABNAMRO bank - deadline soon



13:00 - 17:00 hrs


ABNAMRO HQ (Zuidas, Amsterdam)


"What future career do I want?" is an important question for each PhD candidate/postdoc to address. Next to figuring out what you like and find important in your work, it is insightful to talk to PhD graduates who already transitioned, in order to hear how well certain careers are aligned with what you are looking for.
This PhD Career Event is your opportunity to explore what it is like for PhD graduates to work at ABNAMRO. To ensure you obtain the information you need, this event will be small-scaled and the programme includes a workshop to support you to identify what you actually look for in a job, preparing you to ask the right questions to verify which opportunity at ABNAMRO is most interesting for you. Curious? Check your eligibility and drop an email to to receive your personal invite!

Who? You (are about to) have a PhD in a STEM field, such as mathematics, (astro)physics, (bio)informatics, engineering, econometrics, actuarial studies or similar. And you have skills in software packages for statistical and data analysis, such as Python, R or MATLAB.

Registration: This event is free of charge, but upon invitation only. If you are interested, you can send Chiat Cheong a short message (via qiaconsultancy [at] When you meet the profile, she will arrange a personal invitation.

Application deadline is September 2nd, but they may close earlier when the maximum number of seats is reached. 

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