Friday 15 October; Leiden Joan van der Waals colloquium'One-d quantum systems in- and out-of-equilibrium: new exact results, their applications, and overall perspectives'



Location: De Sitterzaal, Oortgebouw

Time: 13:00 hrs

It is a well-known fact that quantum systems in low dimensions display very strange but elusive properties compared to their higher-dimensional counterparts.  Recent years have witnessed significant progress in the calculation of dynamical correlation functions of systems such as quantum spin chains and atomic gases confined to 1d geometries, stemming from the theory of exactly solvable models and from new extensions to Luttinger liquid theory.  The first part of this lecture will review results on the equilibrium dynamics of Heisenberg chains and bosonic atomic gases, providing a quick and accessible introduction to the underlying theory, but also highlighting a number of interesting theoretical aspects and important experimental applications.  The second part of the lecture will focus on the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of interacting quantum systems after a sudden global change (quench).  Exact results will be presented, shedding important light on fundamental notions such as relaxation and thermalization in many-body quantum systems.  The lecture will end with a `fortune-teller's' perspective on what this field holds in store for the future.