H.W.M. Salemink - “Mind the Gap”





Aula Congress Centre


Farewell speech

With "Mind the Gap” as the title of the farewell speech, Prof. Salemink will cover the various manifestations of 'gaps'; splits or differences between certain areas. In science and technology these gaps are clearly identified using physics. Some reference is made to ‘gaps’ in other fields, such as:  science and technology, research/education and society, in a global view.

In materials, these are gaps in electronic structures that form the basis for the workings of transistors. In quantum mechanics, gaps exist between the discrete permitted energies of quantum structures. In nanophotonics, we produce prohibited optical zones with special structures manufactured using nanotechnology. 

Prof. Salemink will make use of theresults from industrial research carried out by IBM Zurich, technical universities and the nanotechnology consortium, Nanoned.