Immanuel Bloch - "Observing and Controlling Quantum Matter at the Single Atom Level



19:30 hrs


LION, De Sitterzaal



The realization of ultracold quantum gases at Nanokelvin temperatures has marked a milestone in modern quantum physics. With the help of laser light, these ultracold atom clouds can be stored in artificial periodic potentials created by laser light - so called optical lattices - that allow us to explore fundamental aspects of strongly interacting fermionic and bosonic quantum matter. In very recent experimentals, we have been able to record single snapshots of a quantum fluid in which individual atoms are detected with single lattice site resolution. This open unprecedented novel opportunities for anlayzing and manipulating strongly interacting quantum system. In my talk, I will review some of the recent experiments on strongly correlated quantum gases in optical lattices and highlight connections to condensed matter physics, quantum information science and atomic- and molecular physics.


Colloquium Ehrenfestii