Interested in doing an internship at a company during your PhD? Apply here now!



Interested in doing an internship at a company during your PhD? We may have an interesting offer for you. In order to promote the orientation of PhD students on their future, we have talked to a couple of high tech companies in and around Leiden to offer two-month (for 0.8 fte) internships to our Leiden PhD students.  

What's in it for you? You will get the opportunity to contribute to an actual company project. You will learn to consciously apply the transferable skills gained during your PhD, such as good project management and professional presentation. Last but not least, it is a chance to get a clearer view on your possible career path after obtaining your PhD degree.

For whom? Leiden PhD students starting their fourth year.

Procedure? Please make your interest in doing such an internship known to the Casimir Research School by sending an e-mail to Marije Boonstra before July 15th. If you know a company where you would like to spend some time or if we find a suitable match for you, you need to make a plan for your internship, including a progress review of your PhD. Furthermore, you will need permission (in writing) for your plans from your promotor and co-promotor. Based on these documents, the LION scientific director will ultimately decide if you can start your internship.

NB: this pilot study -with a maximum of three internships in 2016- is supported by LION and therefore only intended for Leiden PhD students. However, Delft PhD students are encouraged to express their interest as well. If we receive enough applications we will look into the possibility of extending this pilot to Delft.