Joan van der Waals colloquium - Carlo Beenakker: "Chiral magnetic effect in a Weyl superconductor"



16.00 hrs





The chiral magnetic effect is the appearance of a current along the lines of magnetic flux, due to an imbalance between Weyl fermions of opposite chirality. In a Weyl semimetal this is a dissipative, non-equilibrium current. We will discuss how this current can flow in equillibrium, without dissipation, in the vortex lattice of a Weyl superconductor. The chirality imbalance appears when one of the two chiralities is confied to vortex cores. The confined states are charge-neutral Majorana fermions.


The opening act is by Tjerk Benschop (LION): " Measuring local moire lattice heterogeneity of twisted bilayer graphene"


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