Joan van der Waals colloquium - Gijsje Koenderink: title tba



16:15-17:30 hrs


Leiden: De Sitterzaal (Oort Building)


Van der Waals colloquium by prof.dr. Gijsje Koenderink from the Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). Gijsje’s lab combines concepts and methods from soft matter physics, biophysics, synthetic biology, and mechanobiology to understand the physical mechanisms that enable living matter. Title and abstract t.b.a.

The Joan van der Waals colloquium is an ongoing bi-weekly lecture series, organized by LION. As all speakers are instructed to give an accessible lecture for everyone, these lectures aid in getting a broader view of physics. Each colloquium is preceded by an opening act: a PhD student or postdoc from LION and a different field than the invited speaker, to give a 10-min presentation. After the colloquium, there is a chance to meet your colleagues and participate in discussions at the borrel. More information can be found here.