Kavli Technology Colloquium - Richard Norte (Groeblacher Lab): 'Ultra-Delicate Nanofabriction Techniques: Producing Next-Generation Devices'



13:00 hrs


Lectureroom G, Lorentzweg 1, TU Delft


Next-Generation devices are delicate nanostructures which have extremely high-aspect-ratio and ultra-small dimensions/gaps that make them prohibitively difficult to fabricate with good yield and quality. This is especially relevant in the large subset of nanofabrication involving wet-processing. When using fabrication methods which rely on conventional handling, ultra-delicate devices can be completely destroyed when subjected to a number tiny forces including viscous forces induced by small handling movements, liquid turbulence and surface tension - each of which can be an insurmountable limiting factor as devices become more susceptible to breaking. In this talk we explore the techniques we have developed towards nanofabrication which maximally shields nanodevices from human-error during processing. These techniques produce state-of-the-art nanostructures which are conventionally difficult to produce at all. While the colloquium will focus on the types of photonic and mechanical devices we have been able to produce from SiN thin films, the fabrication techniques are easily applicable to anyone required to do wet-processing and hitting a ceiling on yield, cleanliness and repeatibility.