Lecture by Lorentz Professor Charles Kane: 'Topological Mechanics'



13:45 hrs


Sitterzaal, Oort building


On May 1st, we welcomed Prof. Charles Kane as this year’s Lorentz Professor. Kane is a world-renowned American physicist who has made major contributions to theoretical condensed matter physics. He is most famously known for discovering topological insulators in the mid-2000’s. For his work on this subject he received the Dirac Medal of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in 2012, along with two colleagues.

During his stay in Leiden, Kane will give a series of three lectures titled 'Symmetry, Topology and Phases of Matter' in the De Sitter room (Oort building).

May 17th, 13:45-15:30 I. Topological Band Theory of Insulators and Semimetals
May 24th, 13:45-15:30 II. Topological Superconductivity
May 31st, 13:45-15:30 III. Topological Mechanics

The lectures will provide a pedagogical introduction to topological band theory and discuss its application to symmetry protected electronic states including topological insulators, semimetals and superconductors. Would it be possible to apply related ideas to mechanical systems?