Mike Freedman - 'The topology of Physics and Computation’



16:00-17:00 hrs


Science Park 904, Amsterdam, Room C0.05.


Public lecture 

On Monday, October 22nd from 16h00-17h00 the American mathematician Mike Freedman will give a Science Colloquium at the Faculty of Science of the UvA entitled ‘The topology of Physics and Computation’.

In 1986, Freedman < won
the Fields Medal, also referred to as the Nobel prize in mathematics, for his
groundbreaking work on the famous Poincaré conjecture. He is currently both director and scientist at Microsoft /Station Q/, a research group at the
University of California at Santa Barbara at the forefront of the development
of quantum computing. The recent discovery of the Majorana particle at the TU
Delft stems from a collaboration with Station Q.

The public reading of Freedman is organized in the framework of the Science Colloquium. The Science Colloquium is a new faculty-wide scientific colloquium for all staff and student of the Faculty of Science. During these colloquia, predominantly international researchers will present  an interdisciplinary lecture. They will take place on an ad hoc basis and the official language will be English.