Niek van Hulst "Light control by antennas : from plasmonics to light harvesting"



16:00 - 17:00


LION, De Sitterzaal


Joan van der Waals Colloquium


Single quantum emitters, such as dye molecules, quantum dots, diamond NVcenters and protein complexes, are nowadays readily detected and applied in nano-imaging, sensing and quantum-optics. The challenge now is to control their excitation and emission dynamics. Here we focus on the control of such interactions by resonant optical nanoantennas and phase  shaped fs pulses. Coupling single quantum dots to optical nanorod antennas we redirect the luminescence into dipolar and multipolar radiation patterns with specific symmetry, multipole parity and polarization. Exploiting array antennas and logperiodic structures the single dot luminescence is directed into a narrow forward angular cone. Exploiting phase controlled fs pulses we drive resonant antennas and single quantum systems to dynamically control their fs response and nanoscale fields. Interestingly for single-molecules a superior degree of coherent control beyond the ensemble can be realized. When applied to single light-harvesting complexes we find surprisingly long coherent energy transfer times, even at room temperature.