NWO workshop: Life Sciences with Industry 2023



Leiden: Lorentz Centre


Life Sciences with Industry is a workshop that focuses on devising innovative solutions for scientifically challenging, commercial business cases.

Do you want to broaden your horizon and get to know the life sciences industry? Then this is the workshop for you! During this workshop you will become acquainted with the life sciences industry by working on a R&D problem. Together with the company, you go over the problem and start working towards a solution with your team. By collaborating with other researchers from different disciplines, you expand your network and experience working from a team with a common mission.

More information can be found on their website. Registration will open in January 2023.

NWO has been organising the Life Sciences with Industry workshop together with the Lorentz Center since 2013. The workshop is intended to encourage cooperation and exchange of knowledge between academia and industry. Scientists and researchers from both academia and industry work closely together during a week to find original solutions to challenging industrial problems.