Online course (2 GSC): Design your Next Career Move - register before January 23!





In 2018 TU Delft launches a new online course to help young professionals design their next career move and find a career where they can thrive, feel valued and develop professionally.
In this course Design your Next Career Move, you will learn about and use our career-thinking model to identify your current career challenges and create scenarios that will enable you to take the lead in moving your career forward. As a student or doctoral candidate of the TU Delft you can participate in this course at the discounted rate €197 €45 (valid until January 24, 2018). You need no prior knowledge or expertise. Doctoral candidates will earn 2 GS credits.
Is this a course for you? Visit our course page to enroll and enter the discount code ( Students: TUDS45, PhD:TUDP45) to claim your discount.Course start date: 24th January 2018 and the deadline date for enrollment is January 23, 2018.