PhD position in Delft, Aubin-Tam lab: New light-responsive engineerd living materials based on microalgae


The Aubin-Tam group is a dynamic and multidisciplinary research group interested in developing new bio-inspired and living materials.

Project: nature fabricates materials with remarkable properties, having the ability to grow, move and sense their environment. Such dynamic and interactive materials are in strong contrast with man-made synthetic materials. Recent scientific interest has emerged to incorporate living cells into materials to form engineered living materials, using most often materials are highly promising due to the light-driven movement of microalgae. 

The aim of this project is to fabricate the first light-responsive microalgae-based materials that use the light-driven motion of cells for dynamic and reversible control over the 3D organization and shape of the living material.

The PhD student will devise fabrication approaches for porous hydrogels, which can host motile microalgae cells. He/she will also study how the material properties are locally affected by the presence and response of living cells.

Qualified candidates have a Master in either engineering, material science, physics, chemistry, or a related field. Succesful candidates are motivated by a deep scientific curiosity, have excellent experimental and qualitative skills and possess a drive to learn and develop new methods and concepts.  

To apply for this position, please send a CV, a letter interest and names of references to

Please note: the application will be reviewed as soon as they are received, therefore it is preferable to submit your application as soon it is ready.

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