PhD position in Leiden, Allan lab: Electron pair microscopy


We are currently open for PhD and postdoc applications related to our ERC CoG grant. The positions are mostly related to the Electron Pair Microscopy projects.

We are looking for new group members with passion, talent, and grit!

You will have the chance to work on the grand challenges of condensed matter physics, often at the interface of instrumental design and new physics. You will be involved in determining the important and interesting questions, creating and improving instrumental setups, performing measurements, and making discoveries.

Additional information (see also We are a small, dynamic group, currently consisting of three PhD students and the PI. We are located at Leiden University, the birthplace of superconductivity and home to Kamerlingh Onnes, Lorentz, Huygens, Einstein, de Sitter, and others (see e.g. the wall of signatures from Ehrenfest lecturers). We exchange ideas with our neighbors from Quantum Matter & Optics as well as with the colleagues from our world-class theory section. The successful candidate will be part of the Casimir Graduate School (together with TU Delft) with opportunities to take classes if desired.

Applications for PhD and Postdoc positions
If you are interested in working with us as a PhD student or postdoc, please send me an email. State briefly why you are interested and attach a CV, including information about the grades you had as an undergraduate. No need for a separate cover letter or certificates. Important: please insert “Application PhD” or “Application Postdoc” in the subject line. If you are applying to a specific advertisement, note this in your email.

We especially welcome postdocs with fellowships. I’d be happy to support you, also after you apply to our group. Take a look at the veni fellowship or the Marie Curie fellowship. In many country, there are also fellowships available for outdoing postdocs.

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