PhD positions (two) in Delft, Mulder group: electrochemistry, catalysis and material testing


 Direct Electrolytic Ammonia Production

Ammonia synthesis is one of the largest chemical production processes in the world using more than 1.5 % of the global energy demand. The current production of ammonia is exclusively done by using methane as the energy and hydrogen source in the Haber-Bosch process, which has a limited energy efficiency and large CO2 emissions. The aim of this proposal is to investigate the direct electrolytic ammonia synthesis from water and nitrogen with an electrolysis system design that enables the efficient generation of ammonia, completely clean and without CO2 emissions.

When successful, the CO2 free electrolytic production of ammonia from renewable electricity has an important role to play in several markets. These roles are a) the ammonia market, b) the liquid fuel market, and c) the electricity market in which the electrolysers are assets that can take up peak renewable electricity supply (wind, solar power), while stored ammonia can be converted back to electricity.

Have you a passion in electrochemistry, catalysis and sustainable energy?

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