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Leiden: Chip-based platform for exploring the interface between quantum mechanics and general relativity

The project is funded by a European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant. The project addresses one of the key challenges of modern physics: understanding the interface between quantum mechanics and general relativity. Recently, an experimental test was proposed that can directly witness the need to unify the two theories: observing quantum entanglement between objects that only interact through the gravitational field. A successful test would prove the existence of superpositions of space-time and have far-reaching implications on how we understand our world.

This project aims to develop and characterise an experimental platform that is compatible with the requirements for such a ‘entanglement through gravity’ experiment. The objectives of the research are to trap and levitate a picogram mass, cool its centre-of-mass motion to the quantum ground state, couple its motion to a controllable qubit system and, finally, produce and measure a spatial superposition of the mass.

More info can be found in the downloads below (named 'Hensen_LION_PD_2022').


Delft: Quantum computers and sensors based on diamond and silicon photonics

There are several Postdoc positions available for the topics of quantum-computer and sensor platform technologies using diamond and silicon photonics.
Color centers in diamond exhibit long spin coherence time and capability of optical spin readout. The project will apply nanophotonic structures to the diamond color centers and integrate photonic and CMOS circuits for realization of highly sensitive multimodal sensing devices and highly scalable quantum computer technology platform. The successful candidates will perform new experimental techniques (micro/nanofabrication, quantum optics, cryogenics, electronics,…)
You are required to have a PhD in physics, applied physics or electrical engineering having a strong knowledge on quantum mechanics at the time of taking on the Postdoc position.
The candidates are encouraged to contact Ryoichi Ishihara for further information about the available projects.

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12 - 13 October 2022

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