Quantum Delta Lecture: Verena Schulze Greiving - "Learning by doing-a practical approach to integrate ethical and societal tools in quantum-innovation"



15:30 - 16:45 hrs


Leiden: De Sitterzaal (Oort Building)


On 18 October 2022, Quantum Delta organizes their regular Quantum & Society Research Colloquium, this month at Leiden University, with Verena Schulze Greiving as speaker. There will be networking drinks after.

Abstract: Quantum computing promises to solve great societal and economic challenges – to find solutions to climate change, discover new compounds used as medicine, optimize the allocation of job resources, or improve financial models. On the other hand, quantum computers also pose ethical and societal challenges related to communication and privacy, inequality, and accessibility to the technology.

In order to take the societal and ethical impact of quantum technologies into account we have to consider these aspects already at the beginning of the innovation process. Therefore, we have developed various practical methodologies like mapping tools and (theatrical) roleplays aiming at integrating ethical and societal context in quantum- and nanotechnology research and education. In my presentation I will discuss our approach, reflect on the development and use of such tools, and on how to integrate them in the innovation process.

More information and link for registration can be found on their website.

This monthly colloquium is organized by the Center for Quantum & Society of Quantum Delta NL: it provides a platform for quantum & society researchers, aimed at building and broadening the community engaged in research on non-technical questions related to quantum technologies, including their development, applications and implications. We will provide networking opportunities within the community, including with the aim to facilitate new collaborations.