Science meets Business cafe: Innovative Technology Solutions



17:00-19:30 hrs


BioPartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21, Leiden


Message from the Science meets Business Cafe Team:

"The 10th SmB cafe will take place on Thursday 12 September. In this edition we would like to talk about Innovative Technology Solutions. Therefore, we have invited two service providing companies that are successful in leveraging their innovative technologies.

The biotechnology company to-BBB is focusing on enhanced drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier. to-BBB is developing novel treatments for devastating brain disorders, such as brain cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and lysosomal storage diseases, by combining existing drugs with the G-Technology® (to-BBB‘s proprietary brain delivery platform). More information can be found on to-BBB's website.

Neighboring company cosine, develops and builds measurement systems for its customers with a broad range of applications. The cosine team consists of 20 physicists and engineers with broad experience in different technology areas. Technologies span the field of applied physics, with focus on advanced imaging. In this session, they'll give a talk about their hyper-spectral camera technology, with examples of realized products, such as a blood detection system for forensics applications. More information on cosine and their products can be found here.

After an introduction by both companies, we would like to make a comparison between the two companies. And then following from the overlapping characteristics of their strategy, try to pin down the critical differences for the specific fields.
During this discussion, we would like to answer the following questions: Are drug delivery- and measurement technology two separate worlds? What are the biggest similarities and differences and which conclusions can we draw regarding Research Based Business?

The program: 17:30 – 19:00 (Walk-in from 17:00): 


The BioPartner Accelerator foyer is open from 17:00, so feel free to come early and grab a drink before we start.
BioPartner 1 is located on J.H. Oortweg 21. If you can’t make it at 17:30, don’t hesitate to (quietly) drop in later on or during the drinks hour.


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