Science meets Business cafe Leiden: Martina Huber (LION): 'Electron Paramagnetic Resonance: novel approaches and instrumentation to get a grip on intrinsically disordered proteins'





Biopartner 1, J.H. Oortweg 21, Leiden


Dr. Martina Huber (LION) will present at the Science meets Business cafe will explain how the Leiden Spin Group develops novel approaches and instrumentation to get a grip on intrinsically disordered proteins, which are a challenge as drug targets in neurodegenerative disease.  

Dr. Martina Huber is working on intrinsically disordered proteins and their relevance in neurodegenerative diseases and signalling processes. She will introduce the innovative Electron Paramagnetic Resonance technique, used to determine the structure of proteins. Recently discovered in neurodegenerative disease, intrinsically disordered proteins are a challenge as drug targets: Standard techniques of investigation do not work for these molecules that behave like “charged spaghetti”. The Leiden Institute of Physics develop novel approaches and instrumentation to get a grip on this class of proteins. Dr. Martina Huber will show how spins and magnets can give new insights – a technique with a promise. 


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