Science Meets Business Cafe - Scott Waitukaitis: 'Elastic Leidenfrost Effect'



17:00 hrs


Biopartner 1, Leiden


We have organised a fantastic new SmB cafe for you! Join us on Thursday, November 9th at BioPartner for this month's edition full of science, entrepreneurship and networking! 

The Elastic Leidenfrost effect is a newly discovered variation of the so-called Leidenfrost effect and explains the behaviour of hydrogel balls on a hot plate.

Peter Sijmons

Peter Sijmons is a Leiden Biosciencepark veteran, one of the first employees in the 2nd biotech company in the park 1986, he will give a short tour of his career in biotech and how he returned to the park with the software company Szienz. This bumpy tour will illustrate the futility of career planning and highlights entrepreneurial behavior

Sylvestre Bonnet
Light-activatable metal-based anticancer drugs

Sylvestre Bonnet studies the coordination chemistry of metal complexes in biological and biomimetic environment. By combining inorganic synthesis and photochemistry he makes new light-activatable metal-based anticancer prodrugs for use as targeted anticancer agents with minimal side-effects.

Also, mark December 14th in your calendars, when we will be hosting a special sports-themed cafe!   

The Program
17:00 – Walk-in
17:35 – Cafe starts
18:30 – Networking & drinks (until 20:00) 

Registration (free)
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