So you have a degree in science. Now what? - Discussion session with Ruud Tromp (LION/IBM research)



16:00-21:00, including dinner.


Probably at the beach, exact location t.b.a.


After hosting a successful session at the APS March Meeting in New Orleans earlier this year, Ruud Tromp now would would like to discuss with us, PhD students, postdocs and staff of the Casimir Research School, the career options that lie ahead of you. 


Physics students (undergraduate and graduate), as well as postdoctoral researchers, are usually embedded in an academic environment, working with or for a professor with extensive research experience. This professor will naturally be a role model, and many students aspire to also become a university professor and spend their careers in academia. But reality is different: the vast majority of physics students will not end up in academia, and will not end up spending their careers doing research. Even more, physics research in industry has sharply declined over the last 20 years. So what is a fresh physics graduate to expect, and what career options are available to her? In this (hopefully interactive) talk I will discuss how a degree in physics provides a starting point for addressing a variety of societal grand challenges in a broad range of professional settings.

More details on this session will soon be available here, for now: please mark your calendar!

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