TANGENT 2017 (Tu Alumni NetworkinG EveNT)



16:00 hrs


TU Delft Science Centre


A new exciting and educational event in a diverse multicultural setting for successful TU Delft Professional PhD Alumni as Role models, and graduating eager and ambitious PhD Candidates and talents of the future.

I truly believe that our highly-esteemed TU Delft Alumni are a great legacy, and that with an invaluable wealth of knowledge and experience they can make perfect Role models for a keen select group of young PhD candidates in their final year.

For this reason I am glad to invite you to participate in TANGENT 2017, an event that will provide our Alumni with the fulfilling experience of giving something back, mentoring the next generations in their career paths, and encountering and interacting with a wide range of unexplored potential talents and to pave the way for possible collaborations with future colleagues.

This event will consist of fun informal networking activities, exotic foods, live music, and amusing workshops aimed at addressing the need for cultivating a healthy and vital link between the industry and PhD candidates, presenting all parties with new opportunities for personal and career growth.



16:00:                     Welcome drinks and snacks
16:30:                     Opening by prof.dr.Peter Wieringa, TU Delft Graduate School President
16:45:                     Inspiring Career Stories by PhD Alumni from Academia and Industry
17:15:                     Live music and drinks
17:30–18:30:         Networking workshops and activities 1
18.30–19.30:         Exotic buffet
19.30–20:15:         Networking workshops and activities 2
20:15–21:00:         Drinks and live music