Theoretical Cosmology meeting



13:30 hrs


The meeting will be on campus in Huygens Laboratory room 207 at 13:30. The programme will consist of three different speakers that will talk about Cosmology with SKAO, signatures of inflation reheating in the CMB and Primordial Black Holes. The details can be found below.

The meeting will be also broadcast via Zoom, connection details are below too!

For those who are willing to join the traditional borrel afterwards, do you mind writing your name on this list ? In this way, we can avoid food and drinks leftovers by having an estimation of the number of people.


Stefano Camera (University of Turin): "Radio cosmology and the SKAO" 


Evangelos Sfakianakis (Institut de Física d'Altes Energies):
"CMB Signatures of Standard Model Higgs Effects during Reheating"


Michael Zantedeschi (Max Planck Institute Physics): "Primordial Black Holes from Confinement"


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