Three BN talks: Morgan Beeby (Imperial College), Dominiek Smieden, and Kees Storm (TU Eindhoven)



Starting: Noon, 1PM, 4PM


TU Delft, Lorentzweg 1, TN Building


  • 21 November, 12.00,  talk by Morgan Beeby (Imperial Collage), BN meeting room: "Evolution of elaborations upon the core of the bacterial flagellar motor"
  • 21 November, 13.00h, Talk Dominiek Smieden, BN meeting room
  • 21 November, 16.00h BN seminar Kees Storm (TU Eindhoven), Kronigzaal: "Biopolymer Network Mechanics: Nonlinearity and Hierachy"
Please find the abstracts of the talks by Beeby and Storm via the links in the below.