Thursday 9 June; Delft, Jörg Enderlein"Fluorescence correlation: From spectroscopy to imaging"



BN Seminar, June 9th

Abstract: During the last 20 years, single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging has emerged as a powerful tool for many studies in biophysics, physical chemistry, and physics. One of the most widely applied methods is fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. The presentation starts with a general introduction into fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), and discusses in detail what can be learned from FCS at different times scales. Particular attention will be paid to the application of FCS to translational and rotational diffusion measurements, which can be used for determining size and shape of macromolecules at picomolar sample concentrations. But FCS can be also used for monitoring molecular interactions, fast intramolecular conformational dynamics, or stoichiometry of molecular complexes. Finally, we present recent developments of employing the concept of fluorescence correlation for super-resolution imaging.