Thursday 23 June; Leiden, Igor Herbut, "Zero-modes and the structure of Dirac's vortex"



Lorentz Seminar

Location: Room 276, Oort Bldg, LION Leiden

Time: 11.30 hours


 The vortex in any O(2) order parameter on graphene's honeycomb
lattice is known to produce zero‐energy states. I will discus how these
rather special states in the middle of the spectrum induce local
competing order in the core of the vortex. The local order parameters
in general close the algebra Cl(3)x U(1), where Cl(3) is the three
dimensional Clifford algebra, with the members of this algebra
depending on the type of order supporting the vortex. The
superconducting order will be discussed in some detail, and the curious
duality between the topological insulation and the superconductivity in
graphene will be pointed out.