Tuesday 24 August; Leiden, Stefanos Papanikolaou 'Inhomogeneous Holographic Superconductors'



Time: 11:30

Location: Leiden,  IL coffeeroom, nr. 276


I will describe models of five-dimensional AdS gravity coupled to a gauge field and a charged inhomogeneous scalar field. Such models are believed to be dual to 2 + 1 dimensional superconductors. Using explicit analytical perturbative analysis and extensive numerics, I will show that the system undergoes a transition to an inhomogeneous superconducting state in 2 + 1 dimensions as the chemical potential is altered. Depending on the choice of the AdS space boundary conditions, there are qualitatively different phases. In the case of periodic boundary conditions, there are inhomogeneous condensates, where the inhomogeneity follows the imposed modulations. A consistency of the behavior of the condensate with the one expected for BCS superconductors is attained.