Van der Waals Colloquium - Felix Baumberger (Université de Genève): 'Oxide 2D electron liquids: new insight from angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy'



16:00 hrs


Sitterzaal, Leiden, Niels Bohrweg 2


Felix uses angle-resolved photoemission to measure the k-space in strongly correlated electron systems and oxide interfaces, with the aim to understand how unusual electronic matter emerges in these materials. Host: Milan Allan

The van der Waals colloquium takes place at 16:00 sharp in the Sitterzaal, and is followed by a borrel (Beer! Snacks! Physics!). Each colloquium starts with an opening act by a local student (10min) before the main talk (45+10min). Unless otherwise noted, a special coffee hour for PhD students takes place on the morning of the colloquium, 11.30 – 12.30h in the C.J.Gorterzaal (1st floor Oortbuilding). If you would like to talk to the guest, please contact Yvonne ( or the host.