VSF Long Range Colloquium - Sebastian Huber (ETH Zurich): "Topological Mechanics"



19:30 hrs (CET)




The Long Range Colloquium is a bi-weekly seminar series covering the latest developments in condensed matter physics and quantum information.  

The colloquium runs every other Wednesday at 1:30 PM ET (19:30 CEST). Attendance is open to everyone, but please register to attend!

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You are also welcome to join an informal discussion with the speaker, which will start 15 minutes before the talk.



Topological band theory provides us with a powerful design-principle for metamaterials that control how waves propagate in space. These metamaterials are ideal to investigate novel phenomena difficult to observe in other platforms. In particular, I will present how artificial gauge fields lead to the appearance of chiral Landau levels in neutral Weyl systems and crystalline symmetries to novel fragile topological states in an acoustic super-structure.