Wednesday 24 June; Delft, David DiVincenzo 'Circuit QED and quantum non-demolition measurements without qubits'



Time: 16:00 hrs

Location: Zaal E

David DiVincenzo from IBM.

Circuit QED and quantum non-demolition measurements without qubits

Superconducting stripline resonator circuits have turned out to be a superb medium for holding and manipulating microwave photons; in conjunction with Josephson-junction qubits, they have proved to be an ideal realization of strong-coupling quantum electrodynamics. It is also now clear that Josephson devices, even without forming qubits, can play an important role in manipulating the state of microwave resonators. I will show how they can be used to create a Kerr effect, which permits a quantum measurement of one mode of a resonator by monitoring the frequency of another mode of the same resonator.