Wednesday 2 June; Delft, Leonid Levitov 'Flavor symmetry and competition of orders in graphene bilayer'



Time: 16:00

Location: Zaal E,

Flavor symmetry and competition of orders in graphene bilayer

We analyze competition between different ordered states in bilayer graphene (BLG). Combining arguments based on SU(4) spin-valley flavor symmetry with a mean field analysis, we identify the lowest energy state with the anomalous Hall insulator (AHI). This state is an SU(4) singlet excitonic insulator with broken time reversal symmetry, exhibiting quantized Hall effect in the absence of external magnetic field. Applied electric field drives an Ising-type phase transition, restoring time reversal symmetry. Applied magnetic field drives a transition from the AHI state to a quantum Hall ferromagnet state. We estimate energies of these states, and predict the phase diagram.