Wednesday 30 March; Leiden, A. Boyarsky "Can a complete theory of particle physics be testable with present experimental techniques?"



Colloquium Ehrenfestii

Location: De Sitterzaal, LION

Time: 19:30 hrs


There are several observed phenomena in particle physics and cosmology that cannot be explained within the Standard Model of elementary particles. These include neutrino oscillations, the existence of Dark Matter, the baryon asymmetry of the Universe, the accelerated expansion of the Universe, the mechanism of primordial inflation. We discuss a possibility to solve these "beyond the Standard Model" problems without introducing any intermediate energy scale between the Fermi and the Planck scales. This approach suggests the existence of new superweakly interacting fermions (including a dark matter candidate), that can be potentially discovered with existing experimental technologies. This requires consolidated efforts in domains of high-energy theory, particle physics phenomenology, physics of the early Universe, cosmology and astrophysics.