Wednesday 20 May;Delft, Albert Polman 'Plasmonic metameterials'



Time: 16.30 hrs

Location:  Zaal E

Albert Polman from Center for Nanophotonics, FOM-Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Surface plasmon polaritons propagating on suitably engineered metal nanostructures show unique dispersion behavior that can be used to guide and concentrate light at the true nanoscale. I will review our recent work in this area, demonstrating concentration and guiding of light in plasmonic nanotapers and metal nanoparticle waveguides, confinement of plasmons in nanoscale whispering gallery cavities with extremely small mode volume, plasmonic solar cells, and highly dispersive coaxial plasmonic metal-insulator-metal structures that serve as building blocks for a novel metamaterial that has a negative refractive index in the blue.