Wednesday 13 May; Delft, Dirk Bouwmeester 'Self-assemble InAs quantum dots in photonic crystals and micropillars"



Location: Zaal E

Time: 16 hrs

Dirk Bouwmeester

Department of Physics, Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA & Huygens Laboratory, Leiden University

To interface photons with solid-state devices, we investigated the coupling of optically active quantum dots with optical micro- and nano-cavities. Experiments with photonic crystal membrane cavities have led to ultra low threshold lasers and the observation of strong coupling between a single quantum dot and a cavity mode using an active positioning method of the photonic crystal around quantum dots. Experiments with micro micro-pillar cavities with integrated oxidation apertures and electronic gates demonstrate an 80MHz single photon source with controllable polarization, controlled charging of quantum dots inside high-Q cavities and an external mode to quantum dot coupling efficiency of 50%. The later features allow for realistic investigations of hybrid photon-electron-spin quantum information schemes.