Wednesday 12 November: Delft, 'Time-resolved electron transport through quantum dots



Klaus Ensslin from ETH Zurich will talk on 'Time-resolved electron transport through quantum dots'. The abstract is below. Everyone is welcome.

Time: 16:00 hrs

Location: Delft, Zaal E

Single electron transport and the phenomenon of Coulomb blockade in quantum dots have been used to investigate semiconductor quantum structures. A quantum point contact serves as a charge sensor which can operate even when traditional transport experiments through the dot fail because currents fall below experimentally detectable levels. In addition the quantum point contact detector can be used to measure electron transport through the dot in a time-resolved fashion. This way shot noise and higher order correlations of electrons transport can be measured. We also show that the detector may emit photons and/or phonons, depending on the experimental conditions, which influence the quantum dot to be measured. The concept of coupled quantum systems is extended to graphene devices. By using two detectors it becomes possible to perform correlation and anti-correlation experiments which give access to the details of electron transport in double dot systems.