Wednesday 5 October; David DiVincenzo " Quantum Error Correction and the Future of Solid State Qubits"



Location: TNW building Delft, Room E

Time: 16:00 hrs


Quantum information theory provides a very challenging but well defined goal for the further development of solid state qubits: achieve high enough fidelity so that fault-tolerant, error corrected quantum computation in networks of these qubits becomes possible.  I will review the development and essential textbook facts about quantum error correcting codes, but will discuss developments not yet found in the books that make solid state fault tolerance much more tangible: gate transversality is replaced by code deformation, and concatentation (with the concomitant requirement for long-distance couplings) is replaced by regular, extendable lattice structures of locally interacting qubits.

This new point of view points us to a concrete concept of the solid state structure that we need, and indicates fidelity targets, around 99%, which do not appear as unreachable as they once were.