Wednesday 7 October; Delft, David Gershoni 'Entanglement measurements'



Location: Zaal E

Time: 16:00 hrs


I will review our achievements and current understanding of radiative cascades in semiconductor quantum dots at various charge states. I will discuss and demonstrate their potential as reliable sources for entangled photon pairs and the possibility to use them for entangling information carrying flying qubits (photons) with anchored matter qubits (charge carriers’ spins).

The later will be compared with our recent experimental findings, where we measured, for the first time, two photon radiative cascades due to sequential recombination of quantum dot confined electron hole pairs in the presence of an additional spectator charge carrier. We identified direct, all optical cascades involving spin blockaded intermediate states, and indirect cascades, in which non radiative relaxation precedes the second radiative recombination. Our measurements provide also direct way for measuring spin dephasing rates of confined carriers.